Coriole Olive Oils

At Coriole we started bottling olive oil in 1989. It was important news in those days and journalists came from around the country to have a look. Although at first many people thought that it was a very strange product to put in a cellar door.

Mark Lloyd's interest started when he worked in olive factories in Greece one winter in the 70's. "There is just something about that smell..." Mark says.

However the quality of olive oil in Australia was revolutionized with the arrival in the 1990s of a new "Centrifuge Decanter". This bought new standards of cleanliness to processing and quality to olive oil production.

All olive oils should be fresh. They also should have a little bitterness in the mouth, and pungency or pepperiness in the throat. Most of the supermarket imported olive oils are rancid and to use them means adding stale flavours to your food. Not a good idea!

Coriole EVO

Coriole EVO, extra virgin olive oil, is a very fresh blend from Coriole's own olives, augmented with fruit selected from neighbouring groves.

Made in a robust style, with clean apple complexity and lingering spice, Coriole EVO is one of Australia's first, and finest quality, extra virgin olive oils.

Available in 500ml & 750ml bottles, 2L casks and 4L drums.

Coriole First Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Literally from our first olives of the season, First Oil unfiltered extra virgin celebrates the beginning of our olive harvest.

Designed especially for the table, First Oil is fresh and fruity, creamy in the mouth, with a distinctively peppery, long finish.

Available in 250ml bottles.