Australia's first Picpoul

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2017 Picpoul
Bottle $27
Dozen $324

The first Australian release 

2016, Gold Medal- AAVWS - AAVWS

A winsome white wine just bustin’ with beautiful perfume like this is a rarity. The thought of it coming from McLaren Vale is like snortworthy. It’s a miracle. A blessing. It rarely happens. Things like this don’t come without a great deal of planning, patience and money. I could awkwardly anthropologise for it reminding me of what I reckon Marilyn Monroe would smell like in gingham if were interviewing her down on on Silver Sands but otherwise I should just say it’s redolent. It giggles. All sorts of melons and pollens and starfruits; a faint dab of honey … then all this floral perfume that shifts me to real old Guerlain fragrances… Jicky … L’Heure Bleue. I feel awful sometimes that I tend to automatically liken some wines I really like to old movie stars, but recent ones have been a bit thin on the ground, so please forgive. Have to up my act. Grow a beard. Getting off the track. Take a sip and you’re hungry. I mean you were already twitchy, but the first trickle of this dry sprint of a drink and it’s up and off like a cheetah, which the internet advises me can reach 75kmh in two seconds. Those tannins are like the dust in its wake. Which is hardly a Marilyn Monroe sort of a thing. Unless we speak of her wit. There’s a vortex spiral of mean rapier acidity holding the whole sensation quivering together on your database. As the time for glass # 2 pulls in, this drinker becomes aware that this can be regarded as a patio gaiety, but is bigger than that. It is a wonderful husky, sultry, high-strung thing. Mark Lloyd introduced this variety into Australia many years ago. Here we have the first perfect result. What an achievement! - Phillip White- indaily