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Coriole Vineyards


    Coriole makes a number of donations to community events. In addition sponsorship is an important part of Coriole's marketing and PR activities. The best sponsorships introduce Coriole wines to a broader section of the community and reflect our interests in the events and organizations that we sponsor.

    Coriole sponsors a broad range of events including:

    • The arts, especially but not limited to classical music, visual art exhibitions and young and emerging artists
    • medical research fundraisers
    • selected community events

    Our sponsorships work best if the winery is actively engaged in developing the sponsorship.

    Coriole receives numerous requests for donations and sponsorship. If you want to a request a donation or would like us to consider sponsoring your event or organisation please email [email protected] with the following information;

    • Name, details and credentials of your organisation
    • Do you seek a donation or sponsorship?
    • Description of the event or project for which donation/sponsorship is sought
    • Where is the event?
    • Timeline for the project
    • A profile of the audience
    • Expected participation/attendance/viewing numbers
    • For donations, does your organisation have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status?
      • What are you asking for as a donation?
      • Details of other confirmed donors/sponsors involved in the projects
    • For sponsorships what is the sponsorship amount requested
      • Details of all benefits offered to Coriole for the sponsorship
      • Details of other confirmed sponsors involved in the project
    • And finally, why is this a good match between Coriole and your organisation and what would make our involvement meaningful and relevant for the audience?