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Coriole Vineyards

    The Lloyd family's keen interest in taste and flavour has led to the development of other products since the 1990's - olive oils, olives, vinegars and cheese. Coriole have become pioneers in the redevelopment of these products in Australia.

    Coriole's Mark Lloyd says:

    "My interest started when I worked in olive factories in Greece one winter in the 70s. I fell in love with the smell of processing olives. 

    "We started bottling table quality olive oil in 1989. It was new, interesting and important news in those days and journalists came from around the country to have a look at the process and taste the result. Olive oil quickly became a staple product at Coriole, although at first, many people thought that it was a very strange product to have in a cellar door!

    "Since then the olive oil industry has developed enormously and Australia is a world leader in quality.

    "At Coriole we started with an old mat press. However the quality of olive oil in Australia was revolutionised with the arrival of a new 'Centrifuge Decanter' in the 1990s. This brought new standards of cleanliness to processing and quality of olive oil production.

    "A word of advice...all olive oils should be consumed fresh. They should have a little bitterness on the palate, and pungency or pepperiness on the throat. Most of the supermarket imported olive oils are already rancid by the time of purchase and to use them is adding stale flavours to your food! Time to throw out your stale oils and treat yourself to a current vintage, quality oil - you will taste the difference."


    Coriole EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is taken from olive groves around the Fleurieu Peninsula and Adelaide Hills. the blend of varieties depends greatly on the season but commonly includes Frantoio, Leccino, Koroneiki and sometimes small amoints of Coratina.

    Made in a robust style with clean, green apple complexity and lingering spice, Coriole EVO is one of Australia's first and finest quality extra virgin olive oils.

    Available in 500ml, 750ml bottles.


    (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

    The 'First Oil' is literally from our first olives of the season. First Oil is unfiltered and extra virgin celebrating the beginning of our olive harvest.

    First Oil is fresh and fruity, creamy on the palate with a distinctive peppery, long finish.

    Available in 250ml bottles.


    Known by the Coriole team as ASV, this unique vinegar starts life as white wine must. It is then aged in old oak for a minimum of 5 years and emerges as a burnished, golden brown tincture.

    Coriole ASV is balsamic in taste but not as thick and sauce-like as Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale and all its many copies. We prefer the lightness and balance of this style for use in salad dressings and to add flavour, depth and sweetness to dishes.


    Produced with Coriole's own vinegar 'mother', our Red Wine Vinegar is derived from Shiraz, the flagship grape of the McLaren Vale region. The style is clean, complex and very savoury making this vinegar perfect for dressing, sauces or salads.


    This underrated product is incredibly versatile.