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Coriole Vineyards

  • 2020

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    William Shakespeare takes us on a magical journey into the Athenian woodland where four lovers have escaped the laws of the land to seek freedom and happiness.  In these same woods we meet two other very different groups of characters. The first is a band of fairies, including Oberon, the fairy king, his mischievous servant Puck and Titania, the queen of the fairies. The second is a band of bumbling Athenian craftsmen trying their hand at showbiz!

    What transpires in this forest is entertainment in its best form. Magical spells, hilarious trickery, and an “Ass” all make up a night filled with love, laughter and dazzling dreams.

    As the sun begins to set do not miss your opportunity to share a night of fine food, wine and entertainment.

    Tickets $74pp include performance and dinner.

    4.30pm arrival for a 5.30pm start